What are some of the composer’s most famous works


Questions Once you’ve selected the seven composers you’d like to research, you’ll need to research the answers to the following ten questions:

1. What are the years of the composer’s birth, and, where applicable, death?

2. Where was the composer born? Where did he/she compose (if different than birthplace)?

3. What musical training did the composer receive, if any?

4. Does/did the c omposer play any instruments? If so, what instrument(s) is the composer most well-known for playing?

5. Which genre(s) did the composer contribute to? If he or she contributed to multiple genres, where did he or she make the greatest impact?

6. Who were the composer’s influences or teachers?

7. In what ways is the composer’s work characteristic of his or her time period?

8. What are some of the composer’s most famous works?

9. What challenges, if any, did the composer face that may have affected his or her work?

10. What is innovative about the composer’s work? You’ll then write a 1,000 to 1,200 word essay consisting of an introduction, one paragraph about each composer, and a conclusion.

You will need to find at least one source, from the Internet, a library, or elsewhere for information for this assignment. Be sure to use reputable sources when searching for information on your selected composers. The Penn Foster Virtual Library is a good place .This page will explain more….https://safehomework.com/subject-music/music-appreciation-select-seven-composers


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