What are the Expected Attacks and Vulnerabilities and what are the Impacts if those Attacks where successful.


Our research is about the lack of awareness of social engineering from a cybersecurity perspective and its impacts. The following is our thesis:
“Social engineering has a greater negative effect on society, and the root cause of this happening is insufficient awareness in the methods and repercussions from cybersecurity and what can be done to safeguard everyone from being vulnerable to such malicious activity”
The paper will have an introduction that addresses the problem, the reason it’s challenging, and what are the potential applications of preventing social engineering. The introduction will show why our research and why this problem is relevant and how we can help to fill such a gap. Also, discuss the most relevant prior work in the literature review and discuss how out approach will differ or build upon the previous work. Moreover, we will discuss our approach (Proposed work) where we will provide a detailed description of what we are trying to accomplish and provide a clear outline of our approach or methodology. Furthermore, we have expected results which will evaluate our work, like quantitative results which should compare our work previous work and underline how our work is better. Additionally, there will be a work plan and schedule in which we will be discussing the components of our research and propose who we will be working on first, how we will integrate different components and when will submit milestones. Finally, the conclusion, where we will summarize the key aspects of the research, expected results of the evaluation and overall opinion on the research.
The research should include figures for the proposed solution applications. It should be from 2000 to 2500 words maximum. The references should not be less than 13.
1-Abstract [also need to add keywords for the research, important terms not known to common readers]
• Outline the problem you would like to address in the research
• why is it challenging
• what are the potential applications for a solution
The introduction should be sufficient for a reader to understand the problem domain, why previous solutions are insufficient, why the problem is relevant, and how your work will fill this gap.
3-Literature Review
• Describe the most relevant prior work and their key insights.
• Discuss how your approach will differ or build on previous solutions.
4-Proposed work:
• Detailed description of what you are trying to accomplish.
• Provide a clear outline of your approach or methodology.
• Put 5 questions which will help to address the problems of social engineering, what are the expected attacks and vulnerabilities and what are the impacts if those attacks where successful.
5- Expected Results:
• Key issue of how to evaluate your work.
• quantitative results should compare your work with some sort of baseline.
• underline how or why your solution works or is better “Comparison”
6- Work plan:
• Discuss which components of the proposed you will be working on first.
• How you will integrate different components.
• When you will submit what milestone.

• Summarize the expected key contributions of your work
• Expected results of your evaluation.
• Opinion on the research carried out.

6-References page
Please provide 13 or more references no less.

Grading will be based on the following:
Content depth and analysis [60%] | Content organization [10%] | Language accuracy[10%] | Presentation[15%] | Language accuracy[5%]




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