Why A Free Market For Human Organ Sales Should(Not) Be Allowed


Prompt: Every year, thousands of Americans die waiting for organ transplants, especially kidneys. A few people donate their organs, usually to people they have a connection to, but far fewer than the existing demand. Yet under current law, people cannot sell their organs the way they can sell their eggs, sperm or blood. Some have argued that we should allow a free market for human organ sales. Do any other countries allow this? Do you think that we should? Why/why not? If so, what regulations (if any) would you propose?

Pages must be numbered with endnotes (according to MLA format)

Do not reword the questions, use unique headers (turnitin score must be 0% or fail).

Must have a title page

Must have a works cited page (at least 5 sources – 2 sources pro topic, 2 sources against topic, one extra to prove research).

Essay structured similar to a review paper (intro, argument for, rebuttal, argument against, rebuttal, conclusion).

NOT ALLOWED to directly quote. ONLY paraphrase from your sources.

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