Why Credibility Markers Are Important For An Organization To Consider


Deliverable 1 – Credibility Markers

Distinguish the relevance and credibility of various digital marketing information sources.
You are currently an assistant to the print advertising director in the marketing department at Digital Market Makers, a national marketing firm with local offices across the nation. The position of assistant to national director of online marketing has opened, and you have applied, interviewed, and been selected as one of the top three candidates for the position. Part of the internal search process is demonstration their understanding of digital marketing.
Rowan Jones, the national director, has asked you to prepare a presentation demonstrating understanding of what impact credibility markers could have on a digital marketing campaign. Select a for-profit company that has a website and sells within multiple states. Ideally, select a company that is small-to-midsized. The company should have no more than 500 employees and the revenue (if known) should be less than $40 million.

Create a presentation 7 slides that details credibility markers. Include:
• A brief summary of why credibility markers are important for an organization to consider
• Select credibility markers an organization should review.
o Detail the importance of each one.
o Indicate the potential impact on website.
o Rank these in order of importance to the company.
• Identify credible sources to be added to the website.
• Prove why the credibility markers are trustworthy and how they would possibly connect to the target audience for the company.
• Having a good set of speaker notes for each of your slides helps ensure you cover everything necessary.

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