Why Schools Should(Not) Make Condoms Available To Students


Review the specific chapter in the book and answer the associated questions. After reading the corresponding chapter, write a one page, double-spaced response for each set of questions below. Each of the questions much be responded to in order to receive credit, it is not a menu of choices. Use a new paragraph for the answer to each question, but DO NOT retype the question, as this will waste space for your response. The content of the essays should be fact, not opinion unless you are specifically asked. There is not always “an answer” instead the question might have you summarize the information of the chapter including tables and graphs. You are expected to reference/paraphrase material from the text, where applicable, without directly quoting it.

Textbook link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11Q0XrKDaTmS6a75myxPkrE_LomjnxR0E/view?usp=drivesdk

Chapter 3
1. Which of the various models of human sexual response discussed in the chapter do you feel is most accurate?
2. Which seems most questionable to you? Explain your answers.

Chapter 4
1. Has the online medium increased opportunities for connection? Or has online communication diminished the quality of human connection?
2. Are online relationships “real” relationships?
3. Does an online affair count as a “real” affair?

Chapter 5
1. Should schools make condoms available to students?
2. Should emergency contraception be available over the counter?

Chapter 6
3. What are the assumptions or beliefs about the act of masturbation? About people who masturbate?
4. What effects do these religious beliefs regarding masturbation have on behavior? On feelings of self-esteem?

Chapter 7
1. What are societies’ gendered expectations regarding masculine and feminine sexual “performance”? Do these expectations have an effect on sexual dysfunction?
2. Do we assume we should have sexual desire more often than we really do?
3. Sexual desire disorders have been increasing in frequency. What societal changes might account for this?
4. How much do our busy lifestyles contribute to lack of sexual desire?

Chapter 12
1. Discuss the various barriers older adults face in maintaining sexually intimate and active lives.
2. How would you suggest some of these barriers might be removed?

Chapter 13
1. If you were asked to give a workshop to first-year college students about dating violence and date rape, what three topics would you want to cover in the fullest detail?
2. Why did you pick those three?
Chapter 14
a. Of the various theories of the origins of paraphilia behavior, which one makes the most sense to you?
b. Why, in your opinion, does that one seem to explain paraphilia behavior better than the others?
Chapter 15
a. Why are censorship efforts directed more toward sexually-oriented nonviolent material than toward nonsexual violent material?
b. In other words, how do we justify allowing violent images of rape and murder to appear on prime time television and rate the material PG, while we do not allow nudity or sexual activity that shows two people loving one another and rate it X?

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