Why The Four Components Of ‘Realness’ Are Important For Good Architecture


Select a work from the list provided below and discuss it through one of the four components of ‘realness’ – presence, significance, or materiality, (but not emptiness). Keep the paper focused on proving your point about one of the components. Use elements about culture, geography, climate, natural resources, materials, and methods of construction that support your idea. The essay to be at least 1000 words.

Include descriptive pictures of the building/place. Use other sources beyond the textbook for more information about these buildings/places. Looking at pictures and videos of the places helps tremendously.

Choice of buildings/places:

The Parthenon

Hagia Sophia


Ise Jinguand a Longer video

Step Wells of India

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Secrets of Angkor Wat

Machu Picchu

Palladio and the Villa Barbaro

Your checklist:

Intro paragraphs: Two paragraphs, the first paragraph: discuss which component of realness you have chosen is, what it means, and why it is important for good architecture. The second: discuss the building you have selected and which three examples of the component of realness you are going to give. DO NOT GIVE A HISTORY OR GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF THE BUILDING.

Body paragraphs: A paragraph or two using at least three different elements of the building or place we studied to illustrate the component of realness. Discuss what those elements are, and how they are used to make that component happen in the building/place.

Repeat body paragraphs: for the remaining two examples that illustrate the component of realness.

Include descriptive pictures of the building/place that illustrate your points.

Conclusion paragraph: A paragraph tying your building/place and a component of realness to how you apply what you learned about the component of realness to all architecture in general. How/why is it important to have, think about, or consider? Why does it matter?

1000 words

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