Why The “Responsibility To Protect” Should(Not) Be Applied To The Issue Of Child Soldiers


Rules: Your answers must be typed, double-spaced, 12 point writing, margins: 1” top and bottom, 1.25” left and right. You may only write a total of 7 pages for the two answers (i.e. just 3.5 pages for each question). Markers will stop reading after the 7h page. Please include a bibliography (not included in the 7 page limit) but no footnote, (in-text citations are allowed). This must be your own work. Note the university’s policy on plagiarism – see syllabus. You will be graded on your development of succinct and clearly structured arguments which carefully and directly answer the questions posed, drawing from knowledge given to you in the lectures and readings assigned in this class. Other sources may be consulted. Think of your answers as mini-essays – in other words they must be well-written and have introductions and conclusions.

  1. Can the use of “extraordinary rendition” ever be justified? Outline and compare and contrast a realist AND a liberal IR theorist’s positions on this issue. Give concrete examples.
  2. Should the “Responsibility to Protect” be applied to the issue of child soldiers? If so, how would this work in practice? Argue from a traditional constructivist perspective of a Canadian diplomat.
  3. From a neo-Marxist perspective, explain why narcotic trafficking is or is not a security threat. Still from the same perspective, and using a case study (country or region) of your choice, outline the most appropriate level of response – at the national, regional or international level.
  4. Use the Copenhagen’s School’s “securitization” framework to argue why (or why not) coercive diplomacy could be (or could not be) a successful policy for Canada to have securitized terrorism and insurgency in Afghanistan.

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