Wrap up part 2 Business and Public Law


Part two of three: Questions 7 through 12 of Wrap up the Class 20%
Due by: April 19 10:00 p.m.
**Give me the Question number please!
** It is almost impossible for you to start this exam on the evening of April 19. It will take you approximately 3 to 6 hours to complete this exam on a UNIVERSITY level. Pace yourself and start early doing a few questions at a time.
Save this to your computer and you must give me the question and question number and then you give me your answer below the question.
Send to ME ONLY!! Through the class email system in the body of an email to me please. Attachments take too long to load.
When you see “8 sentences” etc that means the minimum. You can write more.
7. Write 8 sentences on the Commerce Clause. Be sure and define and use a case or example.
8. Read Gardner vs CLC of Pascagoula, LLC 894 F 3d 654 5th Circuit) . State the facts of the case and then state how the court ruled.
9. To successfully win a claim of negligent hiring, supervision or retention, a plaintiff is required to show what? See Rosell vs Cent. W. Motor Stages, Inc. or Wansey v Hole 379 S W 3d 246.
10. Write two full paragraphs about the Family and Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”) and include number of employees before you have to offer FMLA, employee time on job before eligible, reasons you can take FMLA and whether the employer has to keep your job open until you return.
11. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 also known as Title VII is known as one the most important Act’s ever passed. Write two full paragraphs about this Act and make sure your response is at least 16 sentences.
12. Write 12 sentences about any other employment law. Do not just say, “I learned about sexual harassment”. Give me the law (s) and then apply the law to a situation or case or example. Again, 12 sentences and it can be one law or more.

This is the end of Wrap up the class part two.
Part three is fairly short and is worth 5% of your grade.

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